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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 23, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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. the 10:00 news an ktvu fox news starts now. a vote on healthcare in the house and the president is ready to move on if it fails. >> only politics. we have a great bill, and i think we have a good chance. >> it's an important test for the new administration and with republicans split, the president is becoming impatient. >> today's big vote was put off until tomorrow with president
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trump saying if it doesn't pass, obama care can remain in place. we're here with the high stakes political gamble. >> it was quite a day, not the way that republicans wanted it to be. they realized they didn't have the vote to pass the vote because of opposition within their own party. tonight, president trump drew a line in the sand and said if they don't pass it, he'll leave the affordable care act in place and move on. >> vote was scheduled intented to replace the affordable care act on the 7th anniversary of the signature. >> the house is voting to repeal and replace the disaster known as obama carebut it didn't happen. the first attempt at passing legislation is a tough deal to
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close. >> he defeat is if we don't get it passed. that's for everyone in the republican party and the supporters, it was a campaign promise and i'm disappointed we haven't already gotten it done. >> for 7 and a half years, we have been promising the american people we'd replace this broken law. >> more than 30 moderate republicans won't support it as is. president trump met with about three dozen members of the conservative freedom caucus at the white house and they left unswayed. they want premiums reduced by cutting benefits that require insurance companies to cover maternity care and prescription drugs and mental health. >> he was gracious but nothing came out of it. >> the president is going to decide yes or no on what happens. >> moderate republicans oppose
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the bill because it goes too far in cuttingfederal funding for medicaid. >> nancy pelosi questioned the president's timing. >> rookie error for bringing this up. we are not ready. >> he made the decision to align himself with speaker ryan and his plan and now a defeat is a defeat for trump. >> the chair of uc berkeley political science said most surprising is the split in the republican party. >> for the moderate, if the bill moves further right, to please the freedom caucus, they're going to be at risk if they vote in favor of the bill thanopposing. >> it's unclear if the house republicans can get enough votes to pass it, and if they do, some republicans remain opposed to it and would need to
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be c convinced. they're going to be fighting a battle. president trump is okay with obama care for now? >> he's facing a difficult decision and doesn't want to spend his political capital fighting for it, even though it was a center piece of his campaign. he has immigration and the border wall and jobs. he might not want to spend his capital on this and look ahead to something that he might have a better chance of winning. a new poll finds 17% support the new healthcare acted and 56% oppose it and 86 first feel it should be affordable. >> . a pedestrian struck and killed by a vehicle on north first and taylor near the vta
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light rail station. they found the adult man lying in the street but didn't see a car in to the area. he was pronounced dead. north first street is closed to traffic and light rail is stopped at one of the stations there. police are looking for surveillance video or witnesses to help with their investigation. we have new information on an arrest in the attempted kidnapping of a 13-year-old girl. lee eigle was arrested this morning. he grabbed the girl as she was walking yesterday evening and tried to pull her into a car. the surveillance showed a black vw passat speeding off and two men came running to help as they heard her screaming and they pulled her out of the car and got a partial license plate and the police found the car near an apartment near sf state and arrested him. >> he was driving to talk to
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them. he was not given a lawyer at anytime. >> he is booked for kidnapping and assault with an intent to commit rape under a. a quadruple homicide and in sacramento and an arrest in sacramento. >> we're just outside that apartment building in the western addition neighbor where the suspect was arrested. she said her own daughter, her half sister and her half
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sister's two children were killed. four bodies were discovered inside a home on 35th avenue in sacramento. sources close said the man arrested for the crime had been married to one victim and was the father of the two children. the suspect didn't live with his wife by was over at the home often. they've not released the identity of the suspect. a concerned family member be asked for a welfare check and when officers arrived, no one answered and the police entered the home and discovered the bodies. >> the crime scene investigators will take photographs and look for any evidence that is related to the crime that might determine more. >> the victim's neighbors are shocked. this level of police activity
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is unsettling. >> there are cars coming in here, that's it. and it's scary. >> you don't see stuff like that here. >> it's surprising. >> sources tell us after the killing, the suspect travel to a relative's home before heading to san francisco. the relative was distraught and we have no motive. >> our hearts go out to the woman, the woman lives a few miles away from where the suspect was arrest. how did they track him down to that apartment building? >> they're not saying but they had information that the suspect was inside the b building. we don't know what the information is that led them here. i reached out to some of the tenants and nobody wanted to
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talk. a former student at uc berkeley saying a teacher groped and harassed her and she was let go when she-so far the university and he have not commented. a live look from san francisco, a spring storm takes aim with the heaviest rain expected in the morning. our meteorologist is here tracking the timing. we're going to get rain. >> spring just started but this is a stronger winter storm. we have scattered light showers up in the north bay, and as you can see, right now the
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organized rainfall is on the north coast but it will be sliding to the south as we head to friday morning. the current radar, scattered showers and you noticed, an increase in the clouds and the clouds are here and over the next 48 hours, rain will move to the south. rainfall expectations, big range, half inch all of the way to three inches. a big deal. winds at 45 miles-per-hour in the sierra. 4:00 is when the rain develops and gradually spreads south at 9:00 a.m. and then the chance that we could have flash flood and urban flooding and the travel in the roadways, very challenging across the entire bay area. but especially up in the north bay. coming up, a closer look at the rainfall projections and when
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it going to taper off. when a storm is approaching, turn to fox 2 the weather app. watch live radar and get current conditions. the gold star father who faced off with then candidate donald trump during the presidential campaign is in the bay area tonight. he was the keynote speaker at a fundraiser for the asian american bar association. he's an attorney and the group presented him with an award for speaking out against candidate trump's promise to ban muslims from entering the u.s. tonight he reflected on what has taken place since his speech and his feud with the president. he told us that he's been glad to see that the federal courts struck down not one but two versions of the president's travel ban. >> that's what happens in a democracy, the courts take
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charge and step up and courts provide the protection. >> khan's son was an army captain killed in 2004 during the iraq war. oakland's new police chief meets with the community. fighting crime and growing the force and changing the city's image. the driver on a collision course with pedestrians. a break in the case and police announce an arrest. candles lit at the national gallery in britain. the suspect killed and one victim from the united states.
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a candlelight ceremony in london after the deadly attack on pedestrians outside parliament. hundreds gathered to honor those wounded and killed. some stood silently and others said prayers. and the word solidarity was heard. a fifth person dies, and the attacker was born in great britain. >> the flags flew at half-staff and they remembered the brutal terror attack. earlier, members of the parliament met to offer condolences. >> we're not afraid, and our
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resolve will never waiver in the face of terrorism. we meet here because democracy and the values it entails prevail. >> isis claimed responsibility. >> soon afterwards, they released the identity of the gunman, his name, khaled masood, born in britain and arrests for weapons an assault and extremism but dropped off the radar long ago. police arrested seven suspects in major operations in birmingham where he lived. the city from which more terrorists have come than any others. they claim he operated alone and they came from 11 different countries including china and south korea and italy and
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greece and tragically also an american. one man from utah ran a recording studio business and he was there with his wife celebrating and they were hit on the bridge and she's in critical condition. today president trump tweeted his condolences. s condolences. >> and similar outpouring from around the world. it's an attack on western values in general said many. israeli officials arrested a 19-year-old in a series of bomb threats that targeted jewish community centers. the suspect is jewish and holds dual citizenship. here and in israel and he asked
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the origin of his calls using technology. the threats caused heightened anxiety about anti-semitism, the motive is unknown. police arrested a man after threatening a muslim woman playing with her son, the man was joshua r. approached her and made anti-muslim remarks and threatened to shoot her. they called police and he was arrested a short time later on suspicion of a hate crime. police arrested the woman accused of backing her car into a group of people at the a parking lot at a wal-mart. 23-year-old jessica from hayward. they identified through tips from the public. she was arrested for assault
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with a deadly weapon. the incident happened monday when she backed her car, a honda into a shopping cart that hit a 3-year-old and her mother. the mother picked up the child before they were hurt. authorities think she was angry after the store wouldn't let her return some batteries. now an update, an eviction dispute. demolition work continues at the adams point home where a landlord tore down the unit while the man was living there still. it issued a stop work order in error and now the landlord can continue to tear down the unperitted unpermitted
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addition. the hearing is monday but unless clear what will happen in court now that the apartment is no longer standing. started with sunshine and the clouds moving in. our next front is a strong one. rain and wind and the rainfall, half-an-inch to three inches. a big deal. and heavy rain especially for the northern half of the bay area. and out towards san francisco, quiet now and clouds in place and tracking a few scattered showers up in the north bay earlier. maybe mist or drizzle elsewhere. the main front is up here and working its way through the bay area tomorrow up in the north bay. wind speeds, nothing too major, 6-10 # miles-per-hour and more
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reports out sfo, and a calm wind around the livermore area and the rainfall is tomorrow. and the early portion of the afternoon. and then we'll gradually scale back on some of coverage. and especially by 8:00 or 9:00. this is almost like a winter time storm. a powerful one and two inches of rain on either side of three inches. finally, a break to talk about. and then another system comes on board. more on that coming up in a few minutes. still to come here, bay area high school rocked by racially offensive pictures. >> this is a hate crime. >> the social media post targeting a 14-year-old girl and others. march madness resumes, and
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eight teams are in action. blue apron delivery service buys a ranch with a storied name.
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crews from marin an and sonoma county work to bring a man back to safe after his car plunged 200 feet. it happened near point bonita. the driver was the only person in the car. officials said he called 911 with his cell phone and he was taken to the medical center but no word on his condition. the meal delivery company blue apron owns a cattle ranch, the owner, bill niman sold it to them and will stay onto run
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the ranch. he's the founder of niman ranch. it's now owned by the poultry companypurdue. and blue apron is in new york and they supply them with grass- fed beef. the key ketone pipeline is going to continue. it carries oil 1,700 miles from alberta canada to the gulf coast. a non-profit group has a plan it fight erosion. it's been a continual problem along the beach and the city is in the process of trying to develop a long-term plan. now, the group said the city should redesign concrete barriers and move parking lots and narrow the highway to two
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lanes. they hope to have this plan in place. the same man is responsible for the robbery. the photo of the police are looking for. oakland's police chief learning about her new city. and the questions residents have for her tonight. in our suvs, you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now,
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oakland's new police chief meeting the community and addressing concerns about crime and police relations. she told the crowd oakland could be the super bowl champs of law enforcement. a lofty goal for a short staffed department. reeling from scandal and misconduct. >> she has one month on the job
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come monday and said most nights she's in the community learning about oakland. >> >> apparently having a technical problem. rolling our video. i can tell you that about 100 people packed the multipurpose room and here up in the oakland hills. so they could meet the new police chief. >> here's what they had to say. >> i'm doing average, 16 hour days. that's all right. >> it's immersion but it's will relationship building too. >> at a middle school she was
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both tough cop and cheerleader for her adopted city and people could see her up close, and see the first female chief. >> don't let that sweet accent fool you. this lady is tough and that's good, we need to be tough in oakland. >> she comes to oakland as crime is dropping homicides are down, and home burglaries, they're done, 60%. >> she came from a city with staggered numbers. thousands shot and 800 killings in one year. but, she doesn't sugarcoat oakland's reality. >> when you put it on a per capita basis, oakland is more violent. >> they're stretched thin in the high crime neighborhoods. and a lot of neighborhoods hired their own security
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service, because they feel there's a lack of presence in the neighborhoods. >> with this crowd, the chief did her homework and reviewed how the officers are deployed. and she's looking for improvement and recruits to build a more diverse and bigger force. >> how do we change the common perception? >> they have to own the wounds of the past but make amend and go forward. she loves that oakland is a city of protest. but you can't hurt someone. >> she wants to change their image but getting it out of the america's top ten most violent. we're going to be the safest city in the america. we're going to take our voice
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back. [applause]. >> she seems compassionate and look like she is a high achiever. >> she really wants to bring changes to oakland and that is what we need. >> the chief has yet to hold the meeting in east or west oakland where there's long standing tension with police but that's next she said. she said she lives in oakland and downtown and that she loves it. >> did you get a sense overall, did most of the people seem optimistic or a wait and see attitude? >> i came away feeling like most people were impressed and she was prepared and sincere and very enthusiastic and there's a personal warmth that they appreciate. they're willing to give her a chance and hope for good results. >> in san francisco, the
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sheriff's department has been awarded 1 $135, 000 for body cameras and the program comes two years after the department faced accusations that some deputies had forced inmates to fight each other. police in campbell announced the arrest of a high school coach accused of being in a sexual relationship with a high school student. police said he worked as a volunteer coach where the victim is a student. the detectives said they think this is an isolated case involving just one student but they're asking anyone with information to contact them. they need help identifying this bank robber. it was robbed for the second time in san ramon and he got
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away with an undisclosed amount of money. he's white and wearing a baseball hat and a hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses. a fake instagram account has triggered an investigation at albany high school and a mother said they target her daughter and other students at the school. henry lee talked to the woman and has the photos we can see. >> these are just some of the photos posted on a fake instagram account by the students. a picture of a fellow student and a woman next to gorillas and a noose around a girl basketball player and coach, others are too offensive to show. >> this was a hate crime. >> she's the mother of a 14- year-old girl, one of several african-american girls shown in the photos.
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>> she doesn't even know the students involved. >> you have insecurities and then this comes along and it's not the first time. and it's upsetting. >> the pictures were discovered monday and they told the principal. >> they spoke up so quickly and had that courage, our principal and his staff immediately investigated. >> val williams wouldn't discuss discipline for the students who created the deeply hurtful material. less than 5% of the students are african americans. it's not acceptable and i find the photos offensive and i think it's more than disturbing, it's disgusting and we're not going to tolerate racism or bullying. >> albany police are investigating. police wouldn't comment while the case is ongoing and students were shocked.
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>> i thought we were in a great community and this is a travesty. >> the instagram account has been taken down but the damage is done. >> once they post it, it's out there. and once you attach harmful words, it's out t there. amazon is hiring here in the bay area. and the one city that will see jobs jump by 50%. tracking the incoming system for the friday and another one that could impact your weekend and finally, if you want dry weather, you might like the 5-day forecast. a packed house as san jose city leaders talk permanent housing one month after rising flood waters forced thousands from their homes.
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new, a town hall meeting in one of the san jose neighborhoods hit by the coyote creek flood and people packed the library for a meeting hosted by council member, it's been over a month since the devastating flood drove 500 families from their homes and 70 people are still being housed in a shelter. san jose's top priority is finding housing for those displaced. >> we're reaching o you the to apartment owners and several stepped up to identify apartments that we can rent and several have waived security deposits and we're asking more of the apartment owners for help. >> they're partner with catholic charities to help replace vehicles damaged or destroyed in the floods.
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on wall street, stocks closed amid doubts about healthcare legislation and congress' ability to pass the agenda including his promise to overhaul the tax code. the nasdaq fell three points and the s&p was down 2. hundreds of jobs to east palo alto, a huge office building on university avenue and will employ software programmers and engineers. the third of the company needs to live in palo alto and they'll train for that. there are 2,500 jobs in east palo alto so the jobs represent an increase for the city of 50%. march madness is in full swing and the men's basketball games are taking place tonight
10:40 pm
and saturday. thousands of fans are making their way to the sap center to see the best college teams face off. and locals aren't just there for the games, they're excited about having a national event show off the bay area. >> i just think it's great for this part of the country to get these events on a regular basis. they've done a great job of attracting it and keep it go. >> the outcomes are coming up and who is heading to the elite eight? >> and two runs and a film festival and more on the weekend watch. and we'll get through the forecast with two storms on tap. n tap. (vo) what if this didn't
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the weekend is fast approaching. >> and ktvu running down what is happening in the bay area in the weekend watch. >> into the first weekend of spring, in san franciscosh the human rights film festival, it includes thought provoking work. and the three day event is hosted by university of san francisco. >> also, the scenic rock and roll half marathon. it has live bands along the way and a finish line at the civic center. >> and the oakland running festival. spectators are welcome. >> or the good guys get together car show, this weekend, you'll be able to view thousands of hot rods and
10:44 pm
customs and muscle cars and trucks. all along with 200 vendors. and the hello kitty cafe truck is rolling in to san jose. it will be there all day from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and the 2017 fairfaxbrew-fest and over of 60 60 brews will be offered. offered. and weather-wise, not a washout. tracking one system that moves in by sunday and you heard about the system coming on board for tomorrow. moderate to heavy rain, and this is a big snow producer but winter storm warnings. snowfall around 10-15 inches
10:45 pm
for the highest elevations and amounts of two feet and you can't see it with the snow report. and this continues to grow up in the mountains. right now, the main rain is up to the north and the moderate rainfall up towards the cape, a few scattered showers in the north bay earlier. and we're going see line gradually move south. lots of 50s. not extremely cold. our live camera looking towards san francisco bay and i guarantee strong winds tomorrow, 30-40 miles-per-hour. keep that in mind driving the bridges for the morning and into the afternoon. in san francisco, our sky cast showing this, rain and wind and more rain at12:00 and there's a
10:46 pm
good chance we could have urban and small stream flood advisories. depends on the downpours and how long they stall out and then after 3:00 we scale back, but a good portion of the afternoon, good downpours and travel is a challenge. the storm series, active weather pattern, the next storm for friday and a break from the saturday and then talking about more showers into sunday and should not be a big deal for the sunday forecast. still tracking scattered showers. tomorrow morning, 6:00, heaviest rain in the north bay and not too much in the south bay. it spreads south and good downpours and then by tomorrow evening, we scale back on the coverage and the intensity and saturday, our break and sunday, talking about more scattered showers, especially by sunday afternoon, and into sunday evening. and that shower chance lasts
10:47 pm
into monday. temperatures for tomorrow, in the 50s to the 60s but of course the big deal is the rain and wind and a break on saturday and partly cloudy and more showers into sunday and finally if you want have a dry pattern, next week, it's looking good with spring-like weather here. >> we'll get through tomorrow. sports is next with gonzaga and arizona seeing action in san jose. plus, could this guy, look at him. >> i don't want to go up against him. the top pick for the draft? their workout and how he may fit into that. he's crushing it.
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sports wrap, by bank of the west, go west. >> sports and the warriors didn't play but their coach isn't happy. >> you remember you asked me a week and a half ago to make a prediction. who would win, and remember what i said? arizona. but that's why i never like making predictions. i never get them right and nobody remembers. it might have been the top upset and it happened in our
10:51 pm
own backyard in the south bay. sap center and julie alluded to the fact that arizona is steve curry's school and later on, arizona's baseline, he'll tie it and still six minutes left and 71-71 and working inside and he'll score and bill murray is there. he's happy. his son luke is in a coach, and arizona is down two and no good, scramble for the ball and arizona can't pull it out. and there's the upset. 73-71, arizona. disappointed to be on the short end of that one. xavier, that's a year for bill
10:52 pm
murray and the cubs won and mountaineers can up the lead and jordan matthews, the former cal star hits it and gonzaga with time running out and west virginia can't get a shot up. that one wouldn't have counted. elite eight for gonzaga. they'll face xavier on saturday. and the beat down of the day. i switch my prediction, nobody will remember to kansas, winning it all. i can't see anybody beating them. number one in the midwest. the player of the year for college basketball. frankie mason iii and the dunk
10:53 pm
of the day. that's worth looking at again. that's gerald vick. and you see that in a dunk contest. kansas wins over perdue. 98-66. representing the pac-12 and doing to proudly in their day glow uniforms. and ducks are down to michigan, dorsey, they call him mr. march, glance at his spin move, the ducks win and they're up one and the buzzer, it's michigan missing, walton jr. can't get it to go. and kansas now takes on oregon. that should be good and pro- basketball and the warriors are off. and sacramento goes to the oracle. matt barnes played for the kings earlier and now with the warriors and doing nice things
10:54 pm
with a reserve role and refreshing when they leave and meet them again, they're asked, how do you think you'll do. just another game, no he said what he feels about facing the kings tomorrow night. >> trying to kill them. plain and simple. things didn't go well there and they're the enemy. we're going to kill them and beat them by 50. >> honest answer, the warriors should beat them and up their lead, they lost a half game because the spurs were victorious. and it's military night and the spurs hometown team up seven in the fourth quarter and look at this, five passes and five seconds later. scoring but they're two games back for the western conference
10:55 pm
lead. talk about football, stanford, their team has a lot of prize prospects. every year, and two in particular, standing out at the pro-day. 32 teams represented from the nfl, the scouts were there to see christian mccaffrey and solomon thomas. 6'3" and 275 pounds and a top ten pick. the niners might go for him. passing with flying colors, the agility test and the attitude passing grade as well. >> there you go. >> this is my number one job and priority. and that's what i'm showing, my mentality is about football and to be the best in the game. that's what i'm working towards. >> just to continue to perfect my craft, it's what i love, to
10:56 pm
play, to have an opportunity to do it at the at next level. happy to be here. >> the dream about to come through. and you like to see something better than what happened for the giants. throttled by seattle and huey lewis trying to make news. there you go. but this is what i'm talking about, matt moore, one and two- thirds innings and gives up four runs. and 9-2 is the final. matt moore, not the outing he was looking for. and there you go. that's the sporting life. >> lots going on. >> the guy from stanford, trying to go up against him. julie has selected him as number two. >> good pick. see you later. good night. ♪
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